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Главная новость: финал конкурса RUVN Contest #2

Закончился конкурс от /ruvn/ раздела анонимной имиджборды Два.ч. Жюри в составе мода раздела, Летописца, Художник-куна (авторы из команды «Бесконечного лета») и Азунян (автор «KONA Project») определило трёх победителей:

К сожалению, в ходе конкурса обнаружилось, что игра «Сапоги моего деда» разрабатывалась ещё с 2016 года, чем нарушила правила конкурса (срок начала работы на ВН не должен был быть ранее 1 июня). Поэтому она разделит главный приз с игрой «Day by Day».

По информации от анонимных комментаторов анонимного форума, призовой фонд конкурса составил 5 тысяч рублей.


Блоги и заметки

Новые игры

  • «Клара — расхитительница варенья» — Владимир Трофимчук, ремейк игры Николая Жарикова (2006, платформа 6 days) на FireURQ
  • Игра «Капсула» (Сергей Можайский, INSTEAD) теперь доступна в Google Play для Android.
  • «Twinge» (iOS, Android, Facebook Messenger) — Twin Petes s.r.o. (Чехия)
    It's late night when you receive a call from a stranger telling you he was kidnapped and desperately needs your help escaping. The story starts here and it's up to your decisions whether the main character Goodwin manages to survive this horror and at what cost.
  • «Grimm Choices» John M. Withers IV (США)
    Classic fairy tales revisited as interactive fiction. Based on works by Brothers Grimm, Aesop, and more. Also contains a unique prequel to the Castles of Imagination series.
  • «Goblin's Gift» (Castles of Imagination #1) — John M. Withers IV (США)
    You are struggling to survive a day in high school. Luckily, a goblin--your friend--offers you a way to make it better. Do you take it? You decide. You need the book, three dice, and a notepad to keep track of the adventure as you figure out how to succeed. You are the hero!
    Lost in the Pages — Felicity Banks, Adrao, Cecilia Rosewood, and Sashira
    Travel through different books in a quest to find your uncle! You will travel through a number of stories, seek to understand why they are falling apart, and trying to solve the mystery of your uncle’s bookshop.

    Grand Academy for Future Villains — Katherine Nehring (США) для компании Choice of Games
    Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you to the Grand Academy for Future Villains, the world’s finest evil preparatory school, where unimaginable power begins with a world-class education!
    Также доступно интервью с автором.

Неофициальный INSTEAD репозиторий

Неофициальный INSTEAD репозиторий (песочница)

  • «Sum of Lies» — Junkie Hipsta, римейк от Вадима В. Балашова
    Не очень отдаленное будущее. Служащему одной из крупнейших корпораций Гелиополиса Ричарду Эндарку снятся тревожные повторяющиеся сны, делая и без того несчастную одинокую жизнь невыносимой. Каждый день он спешит на работу, которую ненавидит, чтобы вечером снова вернуться в свою тесную квартиру, где только фотографии напоминают о том, что он потерял.

    Однажды Ричард узнает, что странные сны снятся не ему одному.

    И эти сны опасны для жизни.



  • «Pia»Magermayn
  • «Liberation of The Floral Coast Pt. I»Hunterhugger
  • «Die Demo»Dieser_Anti
  • «Will you be my friend?»Annepham
  • «Human Nature»SanSkeleton12
    (Author's note: This is my very first episode so the choices that I created will be lacking a little bit as in the number of choices will have an average of two per decision. Also if you guys have an suggestions on what to do for the next episode, please leave a comment in the comments section but please keep it clean. I'm looking for suggestions, not insults. Thank you.) Humans were always destined to destroy each other and the world is looking to balance out the human race. First there was the Resource War: A war where the Preservers-the faction that believes everyone should have a fair share of whatever's left of Earth's resources- and the Final Regiment-the faction that believes only the strong and working deserve to have the resources. Evenly matched, both factions managed to kill each other, leaving the people without a government and thus starting The Horror. An era that humans have embraced their animal instinct and are willing to kill each other for any share of the resources. After 6 months of trial by fire, the smoke cleared and only 30% of the populations remains and the ones that did survive either created or joined a pirate crew, a cult, or went solo. Quinncy Armen,Marc Armen, and Carissa Fern are one example of pirates-went-solo. They are both victims of the Horror, losing their families in the fire and leaving only them to defend each other and themselves. Play as Quinn or Carissa or Marc as they fight, climb, and talk their way through the streets of Los Angeles and survive. You are not logged in. If you log in before playing, you'll be able to save your progress — which means you can come back later and pick up where you left off. Log in
  • «جنگل اسرار آمیز»mimbele
  • «Cinderella Retold- Alternative Plot-lines»elise.davey
  • «The Emphasis Principle»Amber Chase
  • «Paper Towel Or Pants»Vexbeast
    A short game making fun of a very ridiculous campaign attempting to get people to vote in the upcoming Aoetearoa/New Zealand election. This campaign was awful, but please do vote if you can. A lot of us are struggling right now, and for some of us government policies are a matter of life and death, or life and imprisonment, or life and being separated from our families, or life and being denied human rights, etc. It doesn't really matter. What matters is ultimately no one has much power over the future, but voting is one thing we do have, so let's stand up for each other. Kia kaha. (Vote with your heart, not with your pants or paper towels.) You are not logged in. If you log in before playing, you'll be able to save your progress — which means you can come back later and pick up where you left off. Log in
  • «Zombie In Your Home: A Choose-Your-Own Horror»dppacey
    You've seen the news, you know what's going on. Zombies are here, and the infection is spreading. It's 6 a.m. and your alarm wakes you for Monday morning, but you aren't going to work today. You hear a sound — breaking glass — but will you investigate it? Do you dare? See if you can survive the twisted game of «Zombie In Your Home», by apocalyptic comedy fiction writer Duncan P. Pacey. facebook.com/dppacey | @dppacey
  • «The Settlement of Virginia»wredmond
  • «DARVIH»AlaxxisSade
  • «La Folie de Dokkan»DjangoVi
    Un petit délire fait vite fait! xD Je suis sûr qu'il y a moyen de faire quelque de chose de bien plus complexe et fun, on va dire que c'est un début Voilà voilà..
  • «The Grand Adventure»MandyKat
    You've always lived the life as a child of a simple farmer, but here is your opportunity to go on your first adventure outside your town. This is my very first Twine game.
  • «Batman: A Silent Knight»Stingwray1
    You play as the Caped Crusader himself as you search for Robin's killer. Decide which villain is most likely to have killed Jason Todd. Track them down, fight them then bring them to justice. Can you make the right decisions in order to avenge Boy Wonder?
  • «Adventures In Cyrodiil»Skiltra Affect
    You are in the country of Tamriel also known to gamers the world of The Elder Scrolls. You are in the province of cyrodiil. You are not logged in. If you log in before playing, you'll be able to save your progress — which means you can come back later and pick up where you left off. Log in



  • «Player 2»Lydia Neon
    Player 2 is a game about resolving conflicts with others that involves the real experiences of the player as an experiment into exoludic games. Player 2 was created for the “Your Enemies Don’t Have To Die...
  • «A Halo, Flaring»audo
    a short twine game about a widow contacted by an AI version of his former partner a year after they've died.
  • «Kutya»Dylan-C
    Basically just a short story I created while learning the basics to twine a while ago.
  • «Monstrous Neighbour»mendax
    One of your neighbours is a monster. Kill them before they kill you. Play a short game (many times) to find out how far you will go when you hear the call to adventure. Thirty-seven endings. Many deaths. Ten...
  • «Dark as Blood»Masha Lepire and Eugene Fasano
    Dark as Blood is a short, text-based horror game inspired by Slavic folklore by Masha Lepire and Eugene Fasano. Close the sidebar, put on headphones, and make the game full screen for a more immersive...
  • «Rule Of Kings II Text RPG»GameMaster
    An interactive text game based on medieval fantasy. You start from birth and create your own character's novel as you go along with detailed character building.
  • «I woke up next to you again.»zephyo
    «You’d told me, Hey, this is a one-time thing, and I said yeah, of course — Yet here we are.” ..who, exactly, am I waking up next to? A romance about a more-than-one-night stand; A psychological thriller...
  • «Deity of Hostility»Alex Austin
    A text-based super-masterpiece about a guy.
  • «Super Bombs Away! Blast Edition»Created
    A remake and expansion on an old 1978 BASIC text game that was distributed through Creative Computing magazine. VERY short. RNG based combat and outcomes. Added Features: Multiple win and loss states. Easter...
  • «Batman is Screaming»Porpentine
    Batman is screaming.



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