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  • Purple Guy«Кто ты? / Who are you?»
    Это короткая история будет о маленькой девочке, которая переехала в особняк покойного отца. Девочка чувствует чьё-то присутствие, но не может понять: Кто это? Что это? Твоя задача будет заключаться в том, чтобы дойти до истины.
  • чиполинчик аллои«Отбрасывающий тень / Overshadowing»
    Марина — самая обычная офисная рабочая, которая после работы идёт домой, но по пути замечает странную тень, завернувшую за угол её дома… Сделана для Anivisual Jam #1, но шото на хоррор не оч похоже
  • Mad Diamond«Киберагент»
    Симулятор жизни «детектива цифрового города»


  • SD Separa«Green Blood»
    The evil Westermen are destroying the once beautiful and idyllic Forest of Arden. The trees are being torn down and used to fuel the raging smelters that are making deadly weapons and engines of war. In your…
  • Aspwil«Zombie's Adventure Into Bone Malone's Spooky Gang»
    A simple and silly story that puts you in the shoes of a zombie who has been accepted into the spooky gang, run by Bone Malone (the skeleton) Around 700 words in length and with 6 endings. a full play-threw…
  • Bob Blauschild«Escape From Rungistan»
    You wake up with the worst headache of your life in a dank, sleepy jail cell deep in the mid-African nation of Rungistan. The first thing you hear is a couple of rotten toothed guards laughing about how…
  • Robert Grumbles and Nick Magnus III«Doom Valley»
    Classic adventure where you attempt to save the lives of United Nations ambassadors after their plane crashes in a remote area.
  • Roberta Williams«The Dark Crystal»
    In a fantasy world, an event of cosmic importance is about to occur: a Great Conjunction of the planet's Three Suns. A thousand years ago, when the Suns last came together, a cruel and selfish tribe known as…
  • Dan Kitchen«Crystal Caverns»
    Somewhere beneath the crumbling old Victorian mansion lie gold, rubies, a rare and priceless painting… treasure enough to start your blood pounding! Whoever put them here was diabolical,
    for you may find…
  • Arthur Britto and Allan Lamb«Crypt of Medea»
    Your courage and problem-solving ingenuity will be put to the test as you try to escape from Medea's forbidden tomb. You must pass through countless rooms and secret passages. Overwhelming
    terror and…
  • «Dawn of The Soviet Ladybirds by Christopher Merriner»
    Ladybirds. What a summer for them! They were simply everywhere. Dorothy was ordinarily happy to see them in her garden, but this year there was such an abundance of them that it really was rather alarming…




  • Sean Arnold«The Peresmeshnik»
    It is said that the last frontier is space, but the crew of the Soviet Frigate, The Peresmeshnik, is about to discover that the sea still hides a terrifying secret. Waiting to be found.

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