Новые текстовые игры - шестнадцатое октября

Текстовые квесты

  • Артур А.«Робот»
    21 сентября 3320 года межзвездный грузовой корабль МЗГК-3000 отстыковался от группы Земных орбитальных станций и отправился в свой первый полёт к Росс 128 b. Я — Рабочая единица технического обслуживания корабля на случай происшествий красного уровня.
  • MC и Мануро, пер. Анастасия Ветрова«Похищение (книга)»
    «Похищение» – комикс-игра с увлекательным сюжетом, в котором каждый поворот и сценарный ход будет зависеть исключительно от ваших решений. Нелинейная история придаёт этой игре особую динамику, и вам непременно захочется узнать, к какой из возможных концовок приведёт цепочка именно ваших конкретных решений.
  • Patrones y Escondites«Unmemory»
    Игра, которую вы можете читать. Книга, в которую вы можете играть.


  • LA2KMATT«Royal Responsibility»
  • Hannah Cox«Hogwarts Story»
  • Christian Duran«Pumpkin Peril»
    You are Gedeon. A farmer who takes pride in his work and doesn't tolerate any nonsense. One day, someone decides to steal from your farm. It is up to you to stop this from happening again. Or is it?
  • Yvette
    «Jadeite for the Queen»
    Interact with all items, travel around the world and become somewhat of a gem collector as you, the Royal Councillor, figure out what jadeite is and acquire it in time for the Queen's birthday.
  • Jordan Oey«The Camelot Paradox»
    In the original tale, the Battle of Camlann was the legendary final battle of King Arthur, in which he was fatally wounded fighting his son, Mordred, the Knight of Treachery who was said to also die in the…
  • Dawson Mix«Lucid Blue»
    Lucid Blue is a game about three friends who go on an adventure in a near future society in order to stop a new form of serial killer. Can you take him down?
  • Daniel Chittenden«A Cold Dark Night»
    Even when we are isolated from the world, we can not escape the world around us. What were to happen if that very world were to crash on you in the middle of the night, even in your dreams. Trapped in a cold…
  • Caden Arrick«The Academy»
    weird school simulator
  • Michael Thomét«Veiled»
    There's always been stories about the Atterson Street House. Someone died there. It's built on top of a cemetary. The house is haunted. But you don't care about any of that. Through a series of events, the…
  • Vrokorta«Tower of Monsters»
    Enjin the android has found his way to the Monster Dimension, with the intention of becoming its new ruler. To do so, he'd have to ascend the Tower of Monsters, best its challenges, and defeat its king….
  • Marcus Hunt«Dumped in a Tower»
  • Chiara Grimaldi«Great Mouse Escape»
    A mouse on a journey with their friend Nick. One that takes them to the outside of the house full of dangers and unexpected encounters.
  • InkThinks«The Wandering Words»
    We use words all the time. We write them, feel them, hear them, sign them, and speak them. But what happens if they disappear? How can you explain that you’re happy, if the word has wandered off? One day you…




  • 自転車創業«Out of Frame / ノベルゲームの枠組みを変えるノベルゲーム。»
    Change the world by changing its framework. The answer always lies just beyond…
  • Triority Interactive Novels«Axiom Alternative»
    A short kinetic visual novel, independently written by Redewaan Duckett, giving an alternative take on the Welcome To…
  • Hosted Games«Too Different»
    Unravel the mysterious past of your parents and homeland while journeying through four unique lands in this exciting science-fantasy adventure!
  • 二律背反«圣歌德嘉的晚钟»
    Half a year after the events of ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE, Kaito Yashio is introduced to Itaru Hashida through Nae Tennouji. Unsettling incidents start occurring all around them, harbingers of an event that will again plunge the world into chaos.
    Thanks to the rising popularity of the PhoneDroid—a device which features augmented reality (A.R.)—the age of advanced technology has finally reached Tanegashima. On that island, Central Tanegashima High's "Robot Research Club" is about to have their club disbanded.
  • Oh, a Rock! Studios«Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution»
    The cats are back to win your heart—and your vote!

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«Unmemory» выглядит очень интересно. По внешнему виду и геймплею чем-то напомнило «Device 6».