Новости интерактивной литературы на 17 марта

  • Бесплатное видео с выступлений GDC 2017 уже доступно для просмотра! Рекомендации оставляйте в комментариях.
  • Сергей Скиба пишет, что добавил в «Библиотеку РИЛ» все бесплатные оффлайн-игры интерактивной литературы, выпущенные до 2017 года. (В Библиотеку не попадают онлайн-игры, коммерческая ИЛ и игры порнографического содержания.)

Инструменты и платформы

  • Новый релиз INSTEAD 2.5-alpha открыт для тестирования. После окончания бета-теста он станет релизом 3.0 (поэтому его уже называют «INSTEAD 3»). Вы пожете скачать пакеты для Windows, Caanoo, WinCE, Symbian и Linux отсюда, а версию для Android — отсюда. Документация также нуждается в вычитке и проверке (файл doc/stead3.pdf в каталоге установленного INSTEAD). Версия 3.0 будет иметь новый стек Lua и маленькое ядро для интерпретаторов, доступных незрячим (instead-tiny, также см. проект Plainstead).
  • INSTEAD-JS также был обновлён. Теперь в нём есть поддержка INSTEAD 2.5 и он может запускать игры из ZIP архивов (онлайн или от пользователя). Некоторые свойства (особые шрифты или музыка в формате OGG) не поддерживаются в браузере IE.
  • Вышла новая версия формата SugarCube для Twine: v2.16.0 уже в репозитории.

Новые игры


Неофициальный INSTEAD репозиторий

Неофициальный INSTEAD репозиторий

  • «Проводник»Пётр Косых
    Была середина февраля. Редкие, но колючие снежинки кружились в темноте улиц. Тусклый свет фонарей разливался по асфальту причудливыми пятнами. Я шел быстрым шагом, укутавшись в пальто и рассеяно рассматривая пустынные переулки. На душе было мерзко, свежие воспоминания о ссоре с женой жгли мою совесть и погружали мое сознание в беспросветную темноту февральской ночи. В этот момент меня кто-то окликнул.
    — Дай на хлеб, дружок!



  • «Отель»Rus_Jostap

    Ютубер — тоже профессия. Она бывает довольно опасной.Двое знаменитых ютуберов — Джордж и Луи, которые ищут и снимают паранормальные явления решили исследовать очередное заброшенное место, что могло пойти не так?

  • «Профессия»magnuuuuuus

    У человека нет денег, но они ему срочно нужны и он решает их заработать, чем умеет, но все не так просто, как козалось(Еще не дописал, пока так, пишу в спешке, стараюсь, хоть немного, но допишу)

Иностранные игры

Иностранные игры

  • The Encounter by robinthebum
    Can you survive an encounter with Shia LaBeouf?
  • “Door Chapter 2 (unfinished)” by bluestar7799
    i started this after publishing chapter 1 and lost interest in this project due to me biting off more then i could chew. i'm punishing what i got which is most of the writing. its playable but has some blank spaces that can be progressed though and a ton of grammar and spelling errors but decided to let it out instead of letting it stay a demo forever. if i ever get back to it it will be finished and updated, but for now, try to enjoy.
  • “Guy” by JayMoon
  • “True Tales of a Snail-Town Slave: Part One” by ShatteredPikeStudio
    "True Tales of a Snail-Town Slave: Part One" is a post-apocalyptic rpg where the reader takes on the role of a survivor sold off to Snail-Town, a settlement carved into the very shell of a gigantic, mutated snail. The snail travels the Big Nothing, a vast desert in the center of the ruined world, and Snail-Towners take advantage of this pattern to trade with settlements and enclaves along the route. One of the electric carts used to trade has gone missing, and the reader is forced to journey into the desert with only an aluminum bat and three ratling companions to recover it. True tales uses game mechanics based upon "The Black Hack" role playing game by David Black. The story uses logic and markers to track everything from character reactions and consequences to "health points" and armor. Play online
  • “L'héritage” by DISTRACTION
    L’oncle Eugène était un vieil excentrique que vous vous souvenez vaguement avoir croisé une fois ou deux quand vous étiez enfant. Vous ne pensiez jamais avoir de ses nouvelles et pourtant…
  • “The Adventures of Batman: Rise of the Riddler” by CountCadbury
    A new day dawns in Gotham… Robin has been kidnapped, a villainous scheme is afoot, and a mysterious pall hangs over the city… In this thrilling continuation of the epic text-based Bat-Saga, The Adventures of Batman, play as BATMAN as he struggles to unravel the confounding conundrums of Gotham's most esoteric evildoer, THE RIDDLER, going to any lengths necessary to save his young ward ROBIN and protect the city of Gotham from any and all vile villains who would seek to conquer it. Will you help Batman solve Nygma's latest baffling caper, or will the people of Gotham be forced to surrender to his sadistic whims? (it depends on if you play it or not, honestly.)
  • “Tickle My Goose Remastered Edition” by jonbardi81
    Partly inspired by the great adventures of the Spectrum era, "Hampstead" and "How to be a complete bastard", this game casts you in the role of Mr Dave Crowe, unemployed slob, who must overcome not having any discernible skill or trade whastsoever — in order to climb the pillars of society and earn the respect of his peers. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. For the full "Tickle My Goose" Experience, please visit http:\[email protected] Play online
  • “Lady on the Train” by DCATNIGHT
    A man is taking a ride on one of the first built cross- country trains. He was there for his love of the land, but when he arrives; his eyes seem to land on something else. Submitted for coursework and testing. Feedback is welcomed. Thank you Play online
  • “Just a Purrfect Day” by Sarahcastic
  • “Malcolm: a Hero's Journey” by Sam West
    When a magical artefact causes Malcolm to swap places with his RPG character, he must find his way out of the dungeon and back to the real world with only a wad of cotton wool stuck to his chin to protect…
  • “汉初” by 郝景芳 (Jingfang Hao)
    《汉初》是由2016年雨果奖Best Novelette的获奖作者撰写的。 她是第一個贏得雨果獎的中國女性。 这是郝景芳的第一部互动小说,是中国着名作家写的第一部互动小说。…
  • “The Traveler and the Old Mill” by Nimbus
    A short interactive story about a traveler's quest for food in the Kingdom of Hallydia. This is the first installment in a series of short games set in Hallydia.
  • “Symple Home Renovations” by Rocketnia
    (A sample game to demonstrate ContriverText, a custom IF system. Entrant in the Bring Out Your Dead jam.)
    It's time for another episode of Symple Home Renovations, and you're the host. The two residents of…
  • “The Last Hero” by Wayde Butsim-Bairstow
    A text adventure game created by Wayde Butsim-Bairstow for IND302 Independent Project for the SAE Qantm Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment, Major in Games Design.
  • “Beached! (Prelude)” by Theodore C. Lim & Ewald Bal
    After shipwrecking your yacht on a reef, you find yourself on a deserted beach somewhere in the Caribbean. At first sight, there's nowhere you can go. Use your wit and common sense to escape anyway, without…
  • “The Royal Puzzle” by Kenneth Pedersen
    Can you escape The Royal Puzzle with the treasure? This game is a remake of The Royal Puzzle contained in the game ZORK from 1979, also known as Dungeon. The royal puzzle was later included in the game Zork…
  • “Mansion Adventure” by John Olson
    Some say it's haunted. Others say it's cursed. Whatever the truth, no one has ever recovered the fabled mansion diamond! Your task is to enter the mansion, find the diamond and then get out safely.
  • “An Adventure in Jerusalem” by Warren Melnick
    In this adventure, you will be able to get, wear and examine the objects that you find. You are an Israeli exploring Jerusalem-- beautiful city of your ancestors! You must explore it while outmaneuvering…
  • “Castle Dracula” by Microdeal
    Your computer has placed you in an imaginary world set in a little village in Transylvania. You play the part of Baron von Helsing, who is on a touring holiday with his wife. After staying one night in a…
  • “Ladykiller in a Bind” by Christine Love
    My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress As Him And Now I Have To Deal With A Geeky Stalker And A Domme Beauty Who Want Me In A Bind!! or, Ladykiller in a Bind
    Can you survive seven days trapped on a cruise ship…

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И при этом дата публикации стоит 2017.03.15 :) видимо, это день, когда игра из песочницы попала в репозиторий?