Новые текстовые игры - восемнадцатое декабря

Движок Ren'Py прекращает поддержку Microsoft Windows XP. Ретро-система для компьютеров архитектуры Pentium с 64 Мб оперативной памяти вышла девятнадцать лет назад и официально не поддерживается более шести лет.

Голосование на конкурсе «КОНТИГР-2020» заканчивается в это воскресенье. Итоги отдельного голосования по дате церемонии награждения ещё не подведены. В конкурсе участвует тринадцать коротких игр.

Визуальные новеллы

  • Vladislav Khorev«Побег в Москву»
    История про парня, его знакомство с девушкой и их совместное путешествие. Фрилансер Семён знакомится по интернету с девушкой из Дагестана, однако их отношения быстро выходят за пределы обычного чата — он решает помочь ей сбежать из дома. Так начинается головокружительное приключение.
  • Scoreboardgames«Незабытые»
    Погрузитесь в мистическую атмосферу этноса северных народов. Только от вас зависит сможете ли вы раскрыть все тайны прошлого, не потеряв себя в настоящем. Ваша судьба в ваших руках!

Текстовые квесты


  • (Ранний доступ) Gamex Games«Simpocalypse»
    Simpocalypse — это симулятор постапокалиптической цивилизации, в котором вы управляете своим поселением и ведете его, чтобы стать глобальной империей!


  • Pugpup«Father Leofwine is Dead»
    Someone cut the wise old priest's throat, and everyone
    at court is a suspect. Who murdered him, and how will King Alfred
    fight the Danes without his right hand man? Winner of Mizal's 2019
    Lone Hero contest….
  • «The Book of Vanishing Tales by Camelon»
    The muses are gone. They sacrificed themselves to save
    Sandrella from cataclysm, and all that is left of them are drained,
    stone husks, and a ring of dust orbiting the world. Your wife was
    one of them. But…
  • Adrianna
    «The Travelers and the Sea»
    The true characters in the game would be the
    travelers. These travelers would go in search of the treasure that
    they thought was there. They would make decisions on what to look
    at and look for. The player…
  • Mx.
    «The boat and the Islands»
  • Amanda Maria Stokholm
    «Left Behind»
    "An interactive adaptation of H.C. Andersen's
    short story: The Story Of A Mother"




  • Atelier ATIC«A robot girl changes my life as a bedridden boy»
    This game is a sci-fi romantic adventure(visual novel) modeled after the avatar robot cafe. Japan, circa 2040. Kanto lives in a residential facility for the severely physically disabled. One day, they meet a mysterious girl, Kanata, and their destiny changes dramatically…
  • Choice of Games«The Luminous Underground»
    Blast spirits out of a haunted subway system! Can your team defeat rival exterminators, shoddy gear, and City Hall?
  • Renan Miguelote Vianna«Gladiators IDLE»
    Gladiators IDLE is an IDLE game where you will train your gladiators and upgrade your gladiators equipment. The stronger you get in this game will allow you to move further in the Arena!
  • Out of the Park Developments«Franchise Hockey Manager 7»
    Franchise Hockey Manager returns for the 2020-21 season with plenty of additions to the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you can find. Choose one of 32 leagues around the globe and select a team to guide to glory, including a chance at the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup®.
  • MInerva Interactive«Playing Pride & Prejudice 1: An Austen Armoire»
    An Austen Armoire is a time-based cozy game that illuminates Volume 1 of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Combining cosplay with collecting, sharing, and daily character messages, An Austen Armoire progresses over real time. Players can read the novel in easy, snack-sized sections.
  • Isaac Birchmier«Keylogger: A Sci-Fi Visual Novel»
    Each person’s family name in the Continuum is given a debt which they must pay back, or they risk being wiped by the Grid.
  • Marquis Kurt«Unscripted»
    Choose your route. Take on your developer dream in Catalina City. Make new friends and enemies. Get your game published.
  • Seacoxx«I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 3»
    Gunfire rings out, shattering the safe haven of the town hall. Violent death. People driven to suicide. A mystery group behind the scenes. An imminent horde of zombies. And the intelligent zombies are finally on the move. What will become of Yuusuke and the others?
  • Seacoxx«I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 0»
    Take a step into the shoes of Mitsuki, Tokiko and Sayaka and learn a bit more about their circumstances as well as their interactions with the protagonist in these short stories that take place in around each of the games in the series.
  • Mature Games«Cyber Crush 2069»
    You, as a ripperdoc (self-proclaimed), have started your new clinic in a corner of Little China. With your cyberware fixing skill, will it help you to impress the girl?
  • bankbank«Primate Signal»
    Embark on an insane journey with Comer Sintra through MMOs, hacking, the financial markets, love, and a philosophical understanding of how absolutely everything works.
  • Visualnoveler«Eternal Radiance»
    Eternal Radiance is an action role-playing game about a squire named Celeste who begins a journey to prove herself worthy of becoming a true knight.
  • Rejet«剑为君舞 百夜缀»
    KEN ga KIMI is Japanese legend ADV and is highly recommended since released at Japan. KEN ga KIMI Momoyo Tsudzuri is the FD of the original game and it has 100 stories included.

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